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The major political parties of Europe deliberately avoid some of the most crucial political issues of the times. Principal among these are: Immigration, Multi-Culturalism, European federalism, Democracy, Internationalism (i.e. Globalism, New World Order etc.).
Throughout Europe many campaigning groups, small parties etc. exist which oppose the present mainstream Liberal-Socialist-Conservative establishment who for many years has determined European policy.
Questions: Is true democracy alive and well? Or is democracy failing us? Are the people of Europe deciding on their own future or is this being set for us behind a screen of ‘sham’ democracy? Clearly, many decisions made today are NOT in the interest of the peoples of Europe.
This site is intended as a forum to learn about other people's ideas, to access other sites on related subjects and, thereby to form your own opinions.


"A single people refused to join in the common intercourse of mankind. The Jews, who, under the Assyrian and Persian monarchies, had languished for many ages the most despised portion of their slaves, emerged from obscurity under the successors of Alexander; and as they multiplied to a surprising degree in the East, and afterwards in the West, they soon excited the curiosity and wonder of other nations. The sullen obstinacy with which they maintained their peculiar rites and unsocial manners seemed to mark them out as a distinct species of men, who boldly professed, or who faintly disguised, their implacable hatred to the rest of 'human kind."
Edward Gibbons, Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, 1776.

New on this website... October 2004 - back again ... Library updated: (several old things chucked out). New - Some material from the now closed: "North West Nationalists" has been added.

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