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Some of the most crucial issues in European politics are deliberately avoided by the major political parties. Principal among these are: Immigration, Autonomy for Regions, European federalism, Internationalism (also known as Globalism, New World Order etc.) Throughout Europe many campaigning groups exist which oppose the present mainstream Liberal-Socialist-Conservative elitist establishment who for many years has ruled European policy. This site is intended as a forum to learn about other people's ideas, to express your own opinions and to access other sites on related subjects.


"Glaub keinem Wolf auf wilder Heid' auch keinem Judd auf seinen Eid. Glaub keinem Papst auf sein Gewissen, Du wirst von allen drei beschissen!!" (Martin Luther, 1483-1546)

New on this website... Jan. 2002 - New BNP Supporters Group...See details below with link.... New entry in the Library: The Yahoo Group "Swiss Nationalist", mainly in German is now available for nationalists in Switzerland. See link below. Also visit the official website of PNOS (Partei National Orientierter Schweizer) at

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  • British National Party - main site
  • Yahoo! Group "BNP Supporters Group"
  • Partei National Orientierter Schweizer - main site
  • Yahoo! Group "Swiss Nationalists"
  • Yahoo! Club "I Love White Folks Club"
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