if he gets a few breaks. But even if he doesn't, he will have started a serious new party. And if he continues to give the leadership millions of Americans are crying for after this November as he is giving now, the Reform Party will win some seats in Congress in 2002 and elect the president in 2004.

But the myth promoted by the two rotten old parties, their media buddies and some so-called "analysts" who call themselves "conservatives" that he can't be elected is wrong, wrong, wrong.


The plutocratic interests who own both major parties want you to believe that your vote is "wasted" if you support Pat Buchanan.

And keep this in mind: the media voices who say "Buchanan can't win" are the same people who recently put out polls saying that the media's favorite Republican, Sen. John McCain, had a real chance of winning the presidency if he bolted the GOP and challenged Republican George Bush and Democrat Al Gore after somehow vanquishing Buchanan in the race for the Reform Party nomination.

Doesn't that alone raise the question as to the motivations of those who say that a third party—in this case, one led by Pat Buchanan— "can't win"? The fact is that what


are really saying is that they don't want a third party to win if the third party candidate who wins is not loyal to the interests of the international plutocratic elite who own the media.

In the old Soviet dictatorship, the government controlled the media. Here in our "democratic" America, the set-up is less obvious and less direct but actually more effective: the private big money interests who control all of the major media use their sinister power to determine who gets elected and controls the reins of government. These international interests clearly don't want Pat Buchanan in the White House. So during the months and weeks and days leading up to the election, they will be telling you time and again not to waste your vote, that Buchanan can't win. What


mean is that they don't want Buchanan to win. And that they are afraid that he just might. They know that, when all is said and done, Buchanan offers Americans a real choice and one that represents, on the whole, the vital interests of the vast majority of America's consumers, taxpayers and voters. No wonder they're scared.

The most frequent argument against voting for a third party candidate is that "it will help elect a liberal Democrat (Stevenson, Kennedy, Humphrey, McGovern, Mondale, Dukakis, Clinton, Gore etc.) who will stack the Supreme Court with a bunch of liberal judges." That was the


put forth by Republicans and conservatives (and promoted by the media) against the formation of a populist third party in 1984 when President Ronald Reagan was running for re-election. The same argument was used against supporting a third party candidate in 1988.

Yet, today—as this is written—there is a Republican-appointed majority on the U.S. Supreme Court (largely appointed by no less a "conservative" than Ronald Reagan, as well as his successor, George Bush). There are only two justices—repeat, two justices—appointed by that invidious liberal Bill Clinton.

That "conservative Republican" Su preme Court has continued to uphold the burning of the U.S. flag, abortion on demand, affirmative action in hiring and education and a host of other positions that run counter to the desires of not only self-styled "conservatives" but Americans as a whole.

You can't blame this on "the liberal Democrats" or on the American patriots who supported populist third party candidates in 1984 and 1988 in opposition to the Reagan-Bush Republican regime.

So the next time somebody tells you that America will go down the tubes and that the election of a Republican "conservative" is necessary to ensure a "conservative" majority on the Supreme Court, tell them to


and smell the coffee brewing at the abortion clinic down on the corner.

There's been another peculiar argument recently put forth against supporting Buchanan or any other third party. One well-known patriotic leader, writing in a well-known magazine with a wide audience among grass roots patriots, has even put forth the bizarre proposition—which has no foundation in fact—that the way the electoral college is structured would prevent a third party candidate from being elected president.

This is simply not true

This is no place for an analysis of the Electoral College, but keep the following basic fact in mind: The way the Elec toral College is structured, the candidate who wins a plurality of votes in any given state wins the electoral votes of that state.

Take our largest state, California, which has 54 electoral votes. Suppose that in a three-way race, with Pat Buchanan as the Reform Party nominee, Buchanan actually wins the popular vote in that state by a narrow margin of only several hundred votes, with Buchanan, George Bush and Al Gore, each receiving roughly 33.3 percent of the electoral vote.

Guess who gets all of the electoral votes? That's right: Pat Buchanan. Suppose Buchanan manages to accomplish that feat in enough states to carry a majority of the total votes in the Electoral College? That means he wins the presidency. It's as simple as that. Don't let anybody tell you otherwise.

The Electoral College system for selecting the president of the United States is far from perfect and Liberty Lobby, the populist Institution that publishes The SPOTLIGHT, has been urging Electoral College reform for years.

But, imperfect or not, there is no—repeat no—inherent mechanism in the Electoral College system which would prevent a third party candidate from winning a majority of the votes in the Electoral College if he wins the plurality of the vote in enough states to rack up a simple one vote majority in the Electoral College.

Thus, the argument that a third party candidate "can't win" because of the Electoral College has no basis in reality.

Ross Perot—warts and all—managed to win 19 percent of the vote in a three-way race as recently as 1992.

Today Pat Buchanan—an articulate spokesman for his cause who is also a nationally-known name with an impressive record in the public arena, and whose own views reflect the thinking of grass roots American patriots—is seeking your support as a third party candidate.

The time is ripe for a third party candidate to be elected to the American presidency and with your support



Article originally posted 04/30/00 in "SPOTLIGHT"


Posted by: John aus Paris