Nationalism and multi-ethnic diversity

"Diversity is our strength." That is like: "War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength." Those were the official slogans of the government of Oceania in George Orwell's famous novel '1984'.

What kind of "strength" comes from our diversity? Alienation is the primary product of diversity. People who live in a homogeneous society, where the people they work with and interact with every day are similar to them -- that is, look similar, have similar values and attitudes, react in similar ways to events -- people in a homogeneous society tend to bond with the people around them. They tend to feel a sense of community. They tend to feel a sense of security from having people like them around them. They seek the approval of the people with whom they have bonded. They feel a sense of responsibility and protectiveness toward these people. With good leadership and reasonably good human stock, the community is strong.

Take away the homogeneity, and you greatly reduce the likelihood of bonding. Instead of a community you have simply a collection of individuals (like groups of different animals in a zoo), and each of those individuals is thinking, at least at a subconscious level, "It's every man for himself." Without homogeneity you no longer have a common set of shared values. Antisocial behavior goes way up: schoolyard shootings and drug usage, for example. Neurotic and psychotic behavior increases too. Diversity is a real boon for the psychiatrists. Borderline people, who would adjust reasonably well in a homogeneous community, are much more likely to go over the edge and become neurotic or psychotic as the diversity increases.

Without homogeneity the individuals in the society have a weaker sense of identity, a weaker sense of who they are and of what they belong to. They're much less likely to find positive role models among the real people around them: among their teachers and neighbors and community leaders. They're much less likely to have constructive goals or to lead purposeful and useful lives.

Our people's instincts remain pretty much the same even as our environment changes and becomes more "diverse." Our young people still seek role models. We still seek to bond with others and to share their values and attitudes. When we can no longer find what we seek among real people around us, many find their role models and their values and attitudes in the artificial world of the media. Which is to say, instead of natural role models, they find artificial role models designed by the men who control our mass media: role models designed by the masters of brainwashing who are deliberately destroying our civilization.

A very substantial portion of the White people who should be providing leadership for us have turned against their own race -- and it's not just the judges and the politicians and the bureaucrats. Much of the rest of the White elite -- the wealthy and the powerful and the influential -- have sided with the Jewish media bosses in the campaign to force diversity on the rest of us. In some cases the reason for this treason is religious or ideological. Although there undoubtedly is a correlation between wealth and intelligence, wealth alone does not guarantee independence of mind, nor does it guarantee principled behavior. Just as there are blue-collar lemmings and white-collar lemmings, there also are some very wealthy lemmings.

There still is much class prejudice, socioeconomic prejudice, in White countries. Just as there are people who are resentful by nature and hate anyone they perceive as having more than they have, or being more talented or better looking or more successful, so also are there snobs, who really believe that their wealth makes them better and more deserving than those who have less wealth. They really believe that they don't need the rest of their race. They believe that they can continue to be wealthy and privileged on their own strength alone. They do not see themselves as merely a small and temporary part of something larger and more permanent and infinitely more important than themselves. They are completely self-centered. They support the Jews' open-borders policy because it ensures that they will have not only cheaper labor in their factories, but also a steady supply of gardeners for their estates; cooks and cleaning women for their mansions; chauffeurs for their limousines. Their attitude is that the competition from non-Whites will keep the working-class Whites in their place and compel them to work a little harder for a little less pay.

Even the prospect of large-scale miscegenation does not displease them. Blending the non-wealthy Whites with the non-Whites to produce a dull and degenerate, coffee-colored working class increases the distance between the masses and the elite and magnifies their own sense of superiority. In other words, they believe, that conditioning for life in a "multicultural, democratic" world is what's good for the hoi polloi -- but of course, not for the elite.

They see the government refusing to enforce its own immigration laws. They see our cities filling up with non-Whites from the Third World, and nobody's doing anything to stop it. The media are telling everyone it's wonderful that we're getting so much more diversity. The government is telling everyone it's wonderful. The Christian preachers are telling everyone it's wonderful. And the lemmings are parroting what they hear: "Isn't it wonderful that we're getting so much more diversity!"

Anyway, you see people of otherwise normal intelligence mindlessly parroting such idiotic nonsense as "diversity is our strength" while the ravages of diversity are so apparent all around them, and your first impulse is just to give up. You think to yourself, a race so stupid, so blind, so easily and willingly manipulated and controlled by the Jews, doesn't deserve to survive. But then you remember, hey, I'm part of that race. I'm not wealthy enough to have my own lifeboat, and most of you aren't either. We aren't able to insulate ourselves with money from the insanity all around us. If the ship sinks, we drown -- or get eaten by the sharks. We don't have the luxury of being able to look down our noses at the foolish behavior of the rest of our people. We are obliged to do something to change that behavior. If we want to save ourselves we must compel many others to save themselves as well, whether they want to or not.

When a man wants to save himself, the first thing he must do is try to understand his situation. When he wants to help others save themselves, the first thing he must do is help them understand their situation. That is what we in the National Alliance are trying to do: we are trying to help all of our people understand their situation. That's a difficult task, but also a necessary task. You can help with that work too. It is your responsibility to help.

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Posted on April 1, 2001 from the public domain


Posted by: John aus Paris