The Downfall of ZOG

Sent: 19:31 GMT on 12 December 2000

The seed of the inevitable downfall of ZOG is sown in such injustices as those below.
To imprison a 73 year old man - and to ruin the life of a 31 year old young man with a young family - is the act of a political system gone mad.
Sooner or later the pressure will reach such a level that society will begin to slowly rupture - like on old steam boiler whose seams are coming apart due to metal fatigue.
One by one the rivets will weaken and the steel will start to tear, the metal will bulge outwards and the seam will rupture releasing a superheated blast of steam that will cause the whole boiler to explode.
Every injustice perpetrated upon our people will be amplified a thousand times - the chaos of the collapse is coming and it will happen soon.
In order for us to operate without hindrance things have to only deteriorate so far into crime and anarchy on our streets that the public do not stand against us - and in time we will appear as liberators compared with the scum and shit on the streets at the moment. The public need not support us, only a minority need to do that, just not get in our way.
The minority that will collaborate with the state sooner or later will be persuaded to stop grassing by the community itself - and the minority that do support us will allow us to operate.
The pathetic stereotype that the right wing are the main cause of crime in today's nation is no longer sustainable - the media are losing all credibility as the majority of the people experience crime directly - and this stereo-type will sooner or later be replaced by the community liberators image. When the nigga yardie gangs and the immigrant drugs gangs start their wars on our streets the people will no longer accept the stereo-type and that's when we start to recruit the youth to our cause.
Once we have their kids in our grasp then we cannot be stopped - they will never grass on their own kids.
This is why we have to start recruiting young people - skinhead, casual, gothic, punk, straight edge, whatever.
Recruitment, aggressive defence and propaganda distribution should be our main emphasis at the moment. Gigs, football matches should be targeted.
When the opportunity occurs we each must act according to our own degree of dedication to the cause - for the time being we must prepare.
The age of symbolic violence is almost upon us - purely as an act of the imagination and in no way should this be seen as incitement or encouraging such actions - I imagine how pissed off the reds would be if someone took a sledgehammer to Karl Marx's tomb, if someone took the fight to the enemy by encouraging the spontaneous combustion of the searchlight offices or the robbing of drug dealers and the confiscating of their cash and a good slotting, or the execution of a few yardie gangsters and the crime fitted up to look like a war between immigrant groups.
What I would love to see is members of the movement take the message into the night-clubs and the raves - to let kids know directly that race mixing isn't ok by letting them know on the darkness of the dance floor, for lads to get into clubs and stick stickers up everywhere, for lads to beat the shit out of drug dealers and take their money for the cause etc. etc.
Oh well maybe I have been watching too many episodes of the Soprano's - but the imagination has to be exercised.
In no way am I encouraging or condoning the acting out of these fantasies of mine by others.


Originally posted on December 12, 2000 in the Combat 18 - Blood & Honour Guestbook


Posted by: John aus Paris