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Posted by: "The Hawk from Holland"
Time: 2000-07-29 22:02

DEAR FRIENDS. --Hypocritical "Multiculturals" in the Netherlands--. The striking element in the whole discussion around the "multicultural" society in the Netherlands is the "way of life" many of these "Pro-multiculturals" live. What I mean to say here is that there are big groups in the Netherlands who verbally seem to support a multicultural society, but in their own daily lifes, they are doing every thing to escape the disadvantages of it. From their "livings in only white areas" they are propagating their "ideas". and from these "white Fortresses", far away from the miserable multicultural society, they oppose people who are against this multiculturalism...Hypocrite? --Yes, more than hypocrite!!-------------- How are our authorities??--Well, they are extremely alert on what they call Rightist-feelings, they compare this with fascism, but on the other hand, illegal immigrants etc. are free to make their opinion known. It looks unbelievable, but our authorities also protect criminals. The only condition here is that the criminal must be a foreigner.--- Dear reader, judge for yourself after having read my next 2 articles.
Kind regards, The Hawk.

DEAR FRIENDS.---"Unbelievable Conduct of Dutch Authorities"-- At the town of Schoonhoven, there is a group of boys from Marocco who very well on purpose seek friendship with Dutch girls. With presents and sweet talk they win their friendships. But after a while these girls are put under pressure, and ultimately they end up in prostitution to make money for their new masters. According to police 25 girls were forced into prostitution this way already.--How did the Dutch authorities act in this affair?---In a newspaper statement The Mayor of town, Mrs. Wassenberg-Welp said, she knew about these affairs for some time already. But...she stated... on purpose she had not made it public, or issued a warning to other girls in town, because she said, there were also normal relations between Maroccans and Dutch girls. And moreover, an official statement about these matters would harm the multicultural society she stated. This affair fills a person with repugnance, because the conclusion can be made that with knowledge of authorities 25 girls are unwillingly in prostitution now. But matters can get nr. 2 article.
Kind regards, The Hawk.

DEAR FRIENDS.---As said, things can get much worse--- In the Dutch town of Gouda, people experience much inconvenience from groups of Moroccans. In the towns -Korte Akkeren- area, things seem to be worst. In October last year, a Dutchman complained about the noise these Moroccans made at 05.00am. As a result of his complain he was severely beaten, and left for dead on the street. At last minute his live was saved by an emergency operation carried out in the "Westeinde Hospital"-. These Moroccans, (their names and adresses etc. well known by the local police)keep this area in a grip of terror. The victims girlfriend had to fled town, because she feared reprisal. This affair clearly proofs that we are dealing with gangsters here.--But again, I want to concentrate on the authorities reaction-- The police knew the culprits, but nobody was arrested! Moreover...2 months later, in one of the streets in that area, a big jackpot price was won. Thus a TV team was send to this particular street to report about the price giving ceremonie. But...the TV team had to move out of this area, because they were seriously intimidated, and by whom???. Yes you are guessing right, by the same gang of Moroccans.--Eventually, after 3 months, some of these gangsters reported themselves at the police station. Later it become known, that police in cooperation with the leaders of the "Mosque" and with the authorities of that area, had given these criminals 3 months to voluntarily report to the police. And why?....Well this was done to make it possible for the Morrocan criminals to give a "positive sign" to the public in Gouda, this to help prevent further deteriorating of the bad name the Moroccan society has in Gouda. --A shocking example about how Dutch authorities neglect their own people, and protect foreign criminals--
Kind regards, The Hawk.

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