The British National Party has been getting an increasing number of contacts from Irish patriots, either living and working in England, or still living in Eire, who are greatly concerned with the growing tide on non-white immigration and asylum seeking into their homeland. We sympathize with the plight of what was, until recently, one of the whitest nations remaining in Western Europe, and urges all genuine Irish nationalists to organize against this immigration flood as a matter of urgency.

Clearly, the more Irish people who wake up to this, the greatest ever to their ethnic and cultural survival, the more chance there is that something can be done. We therefore ask everyone who gets this email to forward this essay on to every person of Irish descent that they know. Let's work together to use this newest of technologies to help save one of the oldest European nations.

The following article is by Hamilton Barrett

"The relationship between Ireland's two largest ethnic groups, the Nationalist community and the Irish of British descent community, will certainly undergo some changes as nonwhite immigrants are allowed in by both governments. Irish and British leaders are giving mere lip-service to the "natives" because there are jobs to be offered to the newcomers in high tech sweat shops. The first lapping wave of these nonwhites has already caused a stir in Ireland, although there is very little political retaliation being meted out. What this is doing to Ireland's political equation is on par with the biggest events in that nation's history; such as the Uprising of 1916 or the long war in Northern Ireland. In the political world coming, count on the Marxist Sinn Fein to scapegoat and sacrifice large sections of the Irish Nationalist community, right along with the "BRITISH," aka the Irish of British descent (The largest ethnic group in the six counties), when the new ethnic equation kicks in. It doesn't take a fortune teller to figure this sum out: Gerry Adams' organizers already meet with nonwhite Marxist allies in America, people who routinely scapegoat whites for every social ill (Including middle class Irish whites). In America Adam's allies believe Americans of European descent are simply evil oppressors, and as Adams is also a Marxist, he is a submarine ready to betray the Irish as an ethnic group at any time. The organizers of Sinn Fein, fake patriots as they are, already embrace Marxist allies such as Russell Means, the native American who wrote the book "Europe Must Die." In the future the Irish Marxists will embrace even more nationalities, and the ethnic traitors of Sinn Fein will be able to recruit them faster in Ireland; so we must warn Irish Americans not to help them. Eventually both Irish peoples will come to realize that the dying ideology of a narrow, obsolete Irish nationalism, is being used as a wolf's cloak by the Marxists. Let the Irish peoples take up a more united cause, leaving behind the sectarianism caused by class war, and oppose every political leader who allows nonwhites to pour in. The aim of the nonwhites would become what it became in America, a determined obsession to lord it over those who they feel have oppressed them. These immigrants come in legally and illegally (Assisted by the blind opportunistic eye of greed), as others have done in Ireland's past, but they are not racially compatible. They would serve no other purpose than the self interest of international corporations, forces which also have a lot of expertise in cutting deals with Marxist opponents when it suits them. Yes, where were they before now? We don't want their cosmopolitanism, for there are enough examples of it elsewhere to forecast how it will become a united front against whites. The owners and CEOs of international corporations, in American, Ireland, and elsewhere, don't face the ugly human conflicts they create, they simply move their money elsewhere when the gold rush expires. They demonstrate a minimum of interest in any other kind of ecological or ethnic disaster. The Irish must act soon, without much concern about who did what to whom between nationalists and Unionists, because if enough nonwhites plant themselves it's going to be difficult to put them out. Strangers of all colors will soon be saying, just as the Sinn Fein race traitors already do: "That only a racist would think the newcomers are not Irish." When that kind of thinking becomes routine, and the Irish peoples no longer have cultural supremacy, which is the right to believe they're a special race with their own land, then it will be near the end. If that is allowed to happen, and the evidence is there for a lot of us to know it is being allowed to happen, you may live to see the day when many Irish Americans no longer feel inclined to visit Ireland . Some Irish Americans already murmur that it is too late for America. The wild geese are fleeing the large cities in America, where they are usually the last whites who can afford to relocate, and others are beginning to flee the suburbs as well. Wake up before it is too late!"

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