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  • Benjamin Franklin Speech Pennsylvania 1787
    Remember Benjamin Franklin's words from 200 years ago

    The Constitutional Convention, Philadelphia 1787

  • Nationalism and multi-ethnic diversity
    An article from the National Alliance Questions the concept of "Diversity is our strength"

    National Alliance article 2001

  • Downfall of ZOG
    Described by way of examples of injustices is how ZOG is preparing its own collapse.

    December 2000

    Sharon Hutchinson describes how her 74 year old mother must pack and leave the neighborhood where she has lived most of her life.

    by Sharon A. Hutchinson 2001

  • Speech given by Enoch Powell in April 1968
    "Like the Roman, I see the River Tiber foaming with much blood

    Posted by "John aus Paris" on February 11, 2001

  • Three Postings from Holland
    1) Hypocritical "Multiculturals" in the Netherlands....2) "Unbelievable Conduct of Dutch Authorities"...
    3) As said, things can get much worse--- In the Dutch town of Gouda......

    By "The Hawk from Holland" originally posted in the guestbook of this Website on July 29, 2000

  • White Slavery in Israel
    Every year hundreds of women, and an unknown number of girls under the age of 18, are bought, sold, drugged, imprisoned, and forced to work as prostitutes in Israel's thriving sex industry.

    From the "Jerusalem Post" - posted here July 2000

  • Israel's covert nuclear program
    In 1986, Mordechai Vanunu, a former technician at Israel's Dimona reactor centre, revealed to the Times of London that Israel had secretly developed 100 -200 nuclear warheads, using French and American-supplied technology.

    By ERIC MARGOLIS - posted here July 2000

    "Daily Express", February 8 front page story -- "MI5 To Smash Race Gangs." This was not, as many of you think, a story about Britain's police force planning to smash the many black and Asian street gangs that have been terrorizing elderly Britons for many years. According to the Daily Express, "Scotland Yard and M15 [Britain's political police] are planning a huge covert operation to break up violent racist organizations. The Express has learned that intelligence officers will infiltrate Far Right groups such as the British National Party."

    Spotlight article - 1999, posted here June 2000

  • Ireland
    An increasing number of contacts from Irish patriots, either living and working in England, or still living in Eire, who are greatly concerned with the growing tide on non-white immigration and asylum seeking into their homeland. We sympathize with the plight of what was, until recently, one of the whitest nations remaining in Western Europe, and urges all genuine Irish nationalists to organize against this immigration flood as a matter of urgency.

    Hamilton Barrett - June 2000

  • Internationalist Plans Shown
    The publicity brought to the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank meetings forced globalists to take their schemes out into the open.

    by James P. Tucker Jr., 'The SPOTLIGHT' - May 2000

  • N.W.O. Crew Meet In Tokyo
    A recent Tokyo confab of the world's power brokers revealed the internationalists are still designing the global plantation.

    by James P. Tucker Jr., 'The SPOTLIGHT' - April 2000

  • The Situation in Holland
    The Hawk of Holland analyses his country's slide into a third-world disaster and sees salvation only in major political change to a right-wing government

    The Hawk of Holland - March...April 2000

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