Dear e-supporter

The results of the London Mayoral and Assembly elections represent a very significant hidden advance for the British National Party. 'Hidden' because various supposedly quality newspapers, including the Telegraph and Independent, have gone to extraordinary lengths to keep their readers in the dark as to just how well we did. Even those media outlets which have reported the bare overall London results have been careful to avoid drawing attention to the details which show how much progress we're now making. So as the media won't report the truth, here it is:

In the party list election for the Assembly, the BNP gained 47,670 votes. This was 2.87% of the vote, which means that we quite comfortably topped the 2.5% figure needed to retain our 5,000 deposit. There's a headline they could have run, but didn't.

In the Mayoral election, BNP candidate Mike Newland took 33,569 first preference votes, and a further 45,337 second preference votes from other electors. This means that, despite all the media demonisation in the past, and a London-wide virtual media blackout during the campaign, a total of 78,906 people voted for a British National Party mayor! 4.6% of Londoners who went to the polls voted BNP! According to the Government-backed Operation Black Vote publicity material, ethnic minorities now form "one-third and rising" of the London electorate, so while we know that a few non-whites supported us, our support among specifically white voters must have been even higher - perhaps 6% of white Londoners voted BNP! There's a headline they could have run, but didn't.

Ken Livingstone received a total of 846,686 first and second preference votes. This means that our Mike Newland received nearly 10% of the vote that has put 'Red' Ken in charge of our capital. That's an awful lot of Londoners that Livingstone declared war on as 'racists' in his first post-election speech! There's a story they could have run, but didn't.

Despite the fact that the BBC gave the UK Independence Party a TV broadcast, while denying one to the BNP, we beat UKIP in every London constituency in the Mayoral race, and in 12 out of the 14 London constituencies in the party list contest. Incidentally, also quite easily. Overall, our 2.87% compares very well with the collapsed UKIP vote of 2.0%. There's a headline they could have run, but didn't.

In last June's European elections, the BNP motivated just under 18,000 Londoners to go out and vote BNP. This time, with a more professional campaign machine, 78,906 Londoners backed us. This fourfold increase in our vote in just eleven months is a headline they could have run, but didn't.

The BNP vote was even more significant in our heartland areas in East London. In the entire City & East seat - which comprises the boroughs of the City, Tower Hamlets, Newham, and Barking & Dagenham - our party vote reached 7.1%. By comparison, back in the 1997 general election, we took more than 5% in just two of the seven seats in the area. Another area to see a big increase in the BNP vote was Redbridge & Havering, where we took 4.4% of the party list votes. This huge and widespread broadening of BNP support is a headline they could have run, but didn't.

And when we look at the detail of our mayoral vote in City & East, the facts are even more worthy of note. Mike Newland took 9,920 first and second preference votes in this constituency, in which a total of 114,022 electors voted for a mayoral candidate. This means that 8.7% of valid votes in East London were for a BNP mayor. When we take into account the fact that about one-third of the population are from ethnic 'minorities', it emerges that towards 12% of white East Enders backed the British National Party! This evidence of rapidly growing rejection of multiracial orthodoxy is a headline they could have run, but didn't.

The media silence which has surrounded the BNP, both during and immediately after the campaign, is the most eloquent testimony to the chronic nervousness of the liberal 'elite' these days. Quite simply, they're scared of our potential now. They know that an ever-growing number of ordinary people have had enough of their failed multiracial experiment. The liberals know that, in the British National Party, they now face an experienced, careful and determined opponent. And while William Hague's recent outbursts on asylum seekers have undoubtedly reassured some elderly Middle Englanders that there's still a place for them in the Tory party, it is clear that his comments have helped greatly to legitimise what is spuriously termed 'racism' in the eyes of large numbers of working class ex-Labourites who still wouldn't dream of voting Conservative, but who are increasingly ready to back us.

To add to the liberals' woes, London is now in the hands of a group of neo-Marxist, anti-white fanatics. Within hours of being elected, Livingstone appointed as his key advisor Kumar Murshid - a crank who claims that Prince Philip is an "unreconstructed racist" and who calls for abolition of the Monarchy. And guess who's in charge of race affairs and Livingstone's brow-beating of the Metropolitan Police? None other than race agitator Lee Jasper, who has a conviction for assaulting the police. These people will take every opportunity to put down white Londoners, and the liberals know that this will inevitably produce a backlash.

They look at us and shudder as they think of what has already happened in Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Belgium and Denmark. Here in Britain they thought that they had clear blue skies for their version of the genocidal multiracial, globalist project, but now they see in the distance a cloud. Although it is at present no bigger than a man's hand, they worry that it could yet become the storm cloud that will wash them down the drain of history. And, you know, they're right!

The only question is how long it will be before the storm breaks. And that, my friends, is largely up to you. Each and every one of you, because we can do so much more with your active support, your donations, and your decision to stand up and join us in our New Battle for Britain.

Yours sincerely

Nick Griffin MA (Hons) Cantab.
Chairman, British National Party