A Question of Race

The word "racist" is really a meaningless word...it has become a label, an insult, a way of condemning someone without giving him the chance to defend himself. What is this thing "race" all about? Let me explain what I understand.... Firstly:

Anyone who finds themselves in the last group regardless of their color* should be called what he is, i.e. a bigot, an evil person or group etc. (* think of Zimbabwe)

I personally have come to recognize that these racial differences exist and in my lifetime I have lived amongst other peoples, and also because I am 56 years old (in June) I can remember when it was still considered acceptable to discuss such subjects in a sensible manner. [I will not say that I am a saint, I have also made tasteless jokes, complained about others in an unjust manner...but I have never been filled with real hate for others on account of their race].

As Aristotle once asked: "Could character be fate?" -- With that he meant... what we are and what we do is predestined, i.e. written down in advance. What could predestine our behavior? In the ancient days one would say...the Gods, and up to very recently in scientific parlance...the genes, and in today's politically correct lingua franca...Silence!...Keep quiet!...somebody might be listening!!
Because I know a little about racial differences I consider it essential to reserve Europe for the white race. That doesn't mean I dislike other races. They can come to Europe as visitors as much as they want. It does not say I consider it wrong for, say South America to become a mixing pot of different races. It doesn't mean I want to misuse others or stop them doing what they want -- in their own lands. They can live their lives as they see fit and they will always have my RESPECT and GOODWILL.... But there it ends.... For me EUROPE IS WHITE MANS LAND and it is my desire to keep it that way for our children.

Without being an expert or races - I am an engineer by profession - it is obvious to me that significant racial differences do exist. The explanation which I have found logical is that as the different races evolved differently as they adapted to conditions in their individual environments. This has influenced amongst other things physique and behavior...genetically altered racial behavior. An African youth does not become sexually mature earlier than a European because he finds it "cool". And Europeans accept work as a normal part of their lives -- not just because they were told at school that they should do so -- this is natural adaptation for cold-climate races just as early sexual maturity is an adaptation to hot-climate conditions. In all the time since the ex-African slaves were freed in America the blacks have not learned to fit in to western society...to reproduce, yes...but come to terms with our environment, with our work ethics and social norms, no.

To the question, where my information on differences in intelligence comes from, I enclose here some references on the work of C. Murray & R. Herrnstein, 1994 in their book "The Bell Curve". This is perhaps the most well-known and generally read work on this subject (in English). But as earlier mentioned, there is always someone who gives the 'political correct' argument, so for balance, I've included a reference to this also.

The other aspect of this issue is this: These third world peoples who want to flood into Europe are not evil, they are not intentionally trying to harm us. They just want a chance to find a place where they can live their lives well and bring up their children. They may not initially know that they are unwanted here and even if they did know, that would be of secondary importance to them. Their first priority is themselves and THEIR children. Western society, contrary to society in their countries, has a tradition of protecting the interests of minorities. But this is being misused to our disadvantage. Our leaders must be aware of this. The question is therefore: WHY, since the last war in America and all European countries, are our leaders disregarding the wishes of their peoples and allowing massive immigration? Sometimes I wonder about conspiracies; Is it the Internationalists?...I wonder still -- or are we really a dying race...I personally don't think so. If our population happens to be decreasing slightly that is an acceptable and desirable demographic change.

So what do I want? I WANT to find solutions. The first major goal is we must STOP ALL IMMIGRATION, or we really are lost. This is why I am active...and this is why I am heartened when the FP and north Italian right-wing parties make gains, and also to find some other like-thinking people on the FP Site. There is something awfully wrong and WE must do everything within our power to correct today's situation. Our future is at stake.

Yours truly -- John

"The fault...lies not in our stars, but in ourselves." --Shakespeare


John aus Paris