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The Hawk of Holland

Europe, sinking away in a swamp of uncertainty

Dear Friends.
When in 1989 the old USSR. crumbled away, the whole Western world gave a sigh of relief. Our greatest beleaguer of freedom and democracy, the great Russian Bear disappeared, and is no longer a threat to our freedom and democracy.
Where are we now, 11 years later?
Have we made any progress since than, or has the Russian Bear made room for a much greater danger to our freedom and democracy?
In my opinion it certainly has, and in particular small countries like The Netherlands and Belgium people are experiencing a taste already of what is going to come, and it tastes sour and harsh to the original Dutch citizen at this moment already.
His small overcrowded country is busy getting flooded by foreign luck seekers/criminals, called "political refugees" and his own culture is seriously endangered at this stage already. However this is nothing in comparison of what is going to come....!!!
Right at this moment, Dutch politicians are busy at work, with trembling fingers, assembling the "multi-cultural time bomb" for him. Are these politicians traitors/criminals to their own people, or are they innocent ignorant jugglers, well I do not know.
To come back to the beginning of my message, at the time of the cold-war, we knew exactly our positions, every thing was clear, the Russians knew their power reached till Check-point Charley in Berlin, and vice versa. That has all changed, and a disastrous thunder storm consisting of mainly illegal refugees/ criminals, is developing over the whole of Europe. Therefore it is important that right-wing parties, through the ballot box, get more influence to hold off this coming disaster.
Kind Greetings from,
The Hawk.

Illegal immigration

Europe's No. 1 problem is well known, the ever growing stream of unwanted and unneeded immigrants, called "political refugees or asylum seekers".
A small and overpopulated country like The Netherlands is at this moment getting flooded with these unwanted "immigrants".
Opinion polls prove that the great majority of Dutch citizens do not want these "immigrants". How then is it possible that the influx of these people into their country is not stopped or even reduced ?
Some reasons the present socialist/left-wing Govt. may have for not doing this, could be:
1. The present Govt. knows that on the long term their support/voters can only come from these hordes of illegal immigrants.
2. An enormous social guidance system has been set up for these people in the form of housing, social welfare, medical services, education, pocket money, etc. etc. Thousands of mainly left wing Govt. supporters are being employed here in well paid Govt. jobs. (Not millions but Billions of Dutch Guilders are going straight down the drain here)
3. The support of our mainly left-wing press: Everybody speaking out his opinion against these illegal immigrants is immediately accused of being a racist or Nazi.
We in The Netherlands need a strong right-wing Govt. with leaders able to stand up for their own citizens, and have the guts to say NO!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!
Kind regards,
The Hawk.

Freedom of speech and expression

Dear Friends.
Here in the Netherlands, according to our constituency, every citizen has the "right" to freedom of speech and expression. But does this "constitutional right" also exist, when a political opinion is expressed, which differs, by what is seen by our present Govt. as "political correct"????
Well, many countrymen by now have experienced how free it is to make his/her opinion public against illegal immigration.
A very selective legal system, specialized in measuring with two standards, is in operation, trying to limit discussion on this subject. Crimes like murder, rape, drug dealing, theft etc. are not seen as serious, and hardly anything is done against it.
But the moment a hard working Dutch taxpayer is asking questions about illegal immigrants/criminals, he must be very, very careful, because than our justice system is suddenly awakened and on the alert, and everything is done to take the man to court.
And there, yes there, in the court of justice...(oops did I say justice, well then sorry my friends for wrongly using the word justice here)... every effort is made to bring the man down, every word of him is weighed on an "EXTREMELY SENSITIVE GOLDEN SCALE", and very soon the man will realize, that he is not allowed to stand up for his own rights anymore.
Then, when walking out of this court of "justice", and fighting to keep back his anger, it will become clear to him, that he is betrayed by his own Govt. That this, what was once his country, is not his country anymore. That one of the Constitutional Rights, which his Fathers, and Great-Grand fathers fought for, no longer protects him.
Sometimes I ask myself, where our "Democracy" is going to end, how much deeper do we have to sink?
Kind regards,
The Hawk.

Europe and ‘Big Brother’

The well-meant advice you gave to us; Lilly - John aus Paris - Paola/Mailand - and many others, is certainly well appreciated.
It proves that there are still reasonable/responsible people left on this planet.
Yes, it is certainly true that ‘Big Brother’ is watching us, but we are also watching "him", and we can see signs that ‘Big Brother’ is starting to feel nervous and restless about the situation that currently starts to develop in Europe. Because "his" undemocratic actions against Austria, were a democratically elected Govt. was installed, proved beyond any doubt that only "his opinion" is acceptable. And by doing that, "he" made it clear to all of us who have eyes to see, that something very serious is wrong here, because the meaning of the word "democracy" is altered and manipulated and damaged by "him".
The result of this is that over the whole of Europe the group of people with eyes to see is growing, and they are starting to lay contacts etc.(with the help of email/Internet etc.) and despite the fact that they live in different European homelands, they will get united and organized, because they are all fighting for the same cause.
And that development makes ‘Big Brother’ nervous, because he knows that times for him are going to change.
Our dear Daphne out Common Sense Space mentioned the possible presence of ‘Big Brother’, and I think she is quite right.
But if ‘Big Brother’ starts considering a truthful and non-discriminatory way of reporting/communicating, as we do, to go beyond the limit, than I will stand up against him, because my fathers and grandfathers have fought for this right.
Article 19 of The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights reads:
Every one has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.
Kind regards,
The Hawk.

Wind of change in Europe

Could the very recent events in Europe, (Austria, Spain, and Italy) indicate a positive turning point, away from the present foolish and disastrous left-wing policies that threatens "Our Europe's" future existence?
Yes, a neutral and unbiased examination of the present general situation, indicates that support for our way of thinking grows, despite the efforts of our biased left-wing media and press, to keep it out of the news whenever possible.
Even in a leftist misruled country like the Netherlands, the new right-wing party the NNP - (Nieuwe Nationale Partij) is slowly gaining ground, despite the hostile press environment in which it must develop. Of course I am a member.
Kind regards,
The Hawk.


The Hawk of Holland