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Article appearing in the American Club: I Love White Folks

Now that some of the dust has settled on our general election and I find that I have a little more time available, let me tell you a story. It is a story that touches on some of the history and heritage of the British people and as many of you are directly descended from my ancestors, it is your history and your heritage just as much as it is mine.

Many years ago, at least a thousand years and probably much nearer two thousand, The tiny village of Oldham was founded. Initially it is likely to have consisted of about five little thatched houses and of course a pub. The village was named Oldham because several families of owls were nesting in near by trees. Indeed even today, people who speak with a Lancashire dialect pronounce the word Oldham "Owldome".

Over the ages the village slowly grew into a town and finally into a city and the city of Oldham was eventually granted its own coat of arms. The people of Oldham, not wishing the origins of their city to be forgotten, had the emblem of an owl attached to the top of their city shield.

Over the centuries, through good times and bad, the owl of Oldham remained proudly perched upon its coat of arms. The owl could be seen all over Oldham. It sat proudly on top of the City hall. It also sat on every park bench, lamp post and traffic bollard in the city. Until one day, a group of Islamic new comers made a complaint to the City Council concerning the owl of Oldham. They referred to the owl as a craven image and complained that the owl was highly offensive to their religious beliefs. The city council, not wishing to offend their new Islamic friends and caring nothing for the wishes of the indigenous population, agreed to have the owl removed.

This they did, it took them many weeks and the cost of removing it ran into hundreds of thousands of pounds. This didn't matter much to the Oldham Councillors though, they simply rased local taxation by ten percent to cover the cost and were pleased that they had been able to appease the Islamics.

Sadly, for the Oldham Councillors and the Islamics, the story of the Oldham owl soon came to the ears of the British National Party . They were told the story by thousands of irate local white tax payers and local historians. The British National Party, not being in the habit of sitting on their butts all day discussing things, as is the way of other political parties, decided to act. They began a "bring back our owl" campaign, petitions were collected, letters and articles were published in local news papers, individual complaints were made to Councillors and to the Mayor. However, all of this activity had absolutely no effect. Until, one day, more than eleven thousand people of Oldham voted for the British National Party in an election. The news of this caused Oldham's liberal Council of appeasers to begin to consider their position, the next Council elections were due the following May. After all eleven thousand voters is a far greater number than the total number of Islamic voters in the entire city.

It was duly announced, the day after the election, that after careful consideration the hippie liberal Council of Oldham had decided to reinstate the owl of Oldham in its rightful place, perching on top of the cities coat of arms above the City Hall and on all of the lamp posts and park benches. It was also announced that thousands of flowers were going to be planted in the local park to complement Oldhams shiny new crests.

When the owl of Oldham does fly back to its rightful place, it would not surprise me in the slightest if it were to arrive grasping the BNP roundel tightly in its talons.

Originally posted on June 14, 2001 in the Yahoo Club: I Love White Folks


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